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Prioritizing Corporate Governance

Being a well-run, ethical and honest organization with a commitment to good corporate governance is essential to driving our success and building long-term sustainable value for our stakeholders.

Social Governance Environment

ATN's social governance environment is respectful, thoughtful, and accountable in how we lead, engage the talent of our people, safeguard the privacy of our customer's data, and in how we use our planet's resources.

  • Prudent management enabled us to weather the COVID-19 pandemic safely and successfully for our employees and customers. We are able to support our local communities throughout the pandemic with programs and actions such securing CARES ACT funding to provide the Navajo nation with fiber to the home to enable telemedicine and remote learning. We also secured CARES ACT funding to build a private network for the city of Tucson, AZ to provide affordable broardband access to students for remote learning.
  • Before the onset of COVID-19 and during the pandemic, we have invested in Guyana's fiber network, enabling remote school and work straight through the pandemic and beyond.
  • In addition to providing critical communication services, our companies have also been hard at work supporting local organizations such as the Bermudian COVID emergency fund and providing hundreds of masks to hospitals in Guyana, for example...

Board of Directors Accountability

Our Board of Directors sets high standards with sound corporate governance for our people, officers and directors.

It is the duty of the Board of Directors to serve as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and to oversee the management of ATN International's business. In doing so, our Board of Directors oversees our strategic planning and execution, risk management, capital deployment, responsible business practices and human capital management. We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, and our policies and practices align with the Investor Stewardship Group's coporate governance principles for U.S. listed companies.

Board and Executive Officer Diversity

Whatever a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability, we respect and value them.

Good governance includes independent and engaged directors who have strong values, integrity, knowledge of our market and business model, and respect for differing viewpoints.

This sentiment flows to our executive management team, creates a greater understanding of our differences, and makes us stronger a stronger company.

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ATN International encourages all employees, customers, shareholders, vendors, and affiliates to call its Ethics Hotline to anonymously report any comments or concerns regarding this company's business practices.

ATN International
Ethics Hotline: 800-461-9330

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