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We digitally empower people and communities so that they can connect with the world and prosper.

The need for fast and reliable connectivity is driving critical communications infrastructure and services growth across the globe, and we have a proven playbook to successfully address that unmet need.

Strong Competitive Positions in Remote and Historically Underserved Markets

Our focus is operating communications infrastructure and services in underbuilt and underserved markets where there is demand and need for fast and reliable communications infrastructures.

How does it work? We harness decades of local service operations management and expertise to create a customer-centric experience to strengthen our competitive position in the markets we serve. We have more than 35+ years of communication experience and the tools to enhance our company's performance and maximize durable free cash flow to reinvest for long-term growth.

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To bring social and economic prosperity
by providing and inspiring underserved people and communities with the best digital connectivity the world has to offer.

We have vast experience bringing connectivity to historically underbuilt and underserved rural and remote areas of the world where it is challenging to do so, such as the Caribbean, western U.S., the Navajo Nation and Alaska. 

In these rural and remote markets, demand for reliable high-speed communications is strong making it a perfect opportunity for technology-driven social and economic change. Our investment in infrastructure and operations excellence allows us to deliver best-in-class solutions and provide access to opportunity and the global marketplace: a marketplace for both ideas and commerce. And where we can go includes greater reach, growth and a positive impact for the people and communities we serve.

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Driving Value for Our Stakeholders

The value we provide is demonstrated in the diversified markets we serve and the infrastructure and local brands that maintain strong competitive positions in attractive, historically underbuilt and underserved markets. 

Our years of experience in these challenging markets and customer-centric approach to delivering curated technology solutions drives operational performance and cash flow. We reinvest our cash flow to create value for our stakeholders.

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Join to Help Make a Global Impact

Be part of a driven, dedicated team focused on elevating the health and wellbeing of historically overlooked and underserved rural and remote communities through the delivery of the communications services everyone needs and deserves. Browse our career opportunities – we’d love to hear from you!

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