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Investing for the Future

We believe that the environment is our responsibility.  We build and maintain best-in-class communication networks in historically underbuilt and underserved markets that enable our customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

When it comes to environmental investing, our focus has long been on the resilience of our networks and operations so that we can continually and reliably provide communication services to our customers, specifically in times when they need it most. For example, during September 2020, Hurricane Paulette, a category 2 storm, directly hit the island of Bermuda, bringing heavy wind, rain and storm surge.  Just under 70% of the island lost power including our Bermuda operation. Within a day, we were able to restore communications for most of our customers thanks to great pre-storm preparation, a solid business continuity plan,  and great local leadership and teams. 

Thoughtful planning and business resiliency capabilities have contributed to decades of business success for ATN. 


As a business, we are small enough to respond quickly to changing needs and large enough to make the right investments for our future strength.

A Continuing Environmental Focus

As we now begin to look through a wider lens of impact, we will explore what we can do within our markets to help lower the collective carbon footprint of our operations. 

We are committed to exploring how we can be a greater part of the solution in protecting our planet.